Sometimes you have to be your own superhero

The clock barely struck 5 a.m. and my mind was already a blur. Moving day had come. In the chaos of boxes and a to-do list as long as the Nile River, I was about to embark on the greatest journey of faith my family had ever lived. 

It was more than an interstate move, it was faith in action. That day we would pack up our belongings in a moving van, leave our jobs, and the only environment our kids had ever known for a land unknown- Orlando, FL. Just because God said so.

The move was pure superhero, really. Let me trace the story.

Three years prior the hubby started having dreams of with the faces of people we did not know, people crying out for healthy leadership. During our family vacation trips to Orlando we felt the tugging that Florida was where we were supposed to be; it was home. But we were associate pastors in North Carolina.  We loved the people we got the opportunity to lead every week. We’d lived with them through joys, funerals, play dates, and conferences. Our dear friends were in North Carolina so was our financial livelihood.

Over the next years we could not shake the call to not only leave our home but to plant City Place Church. We didn’t receive a lot of detailed instruction nor did we receive an ironclad assurance that everything in Florida would be perfect (more on that journey later), we only knew that being in God’s will living in total faith would be better than being out of it but comfortable.  Our superhero faith was as simple as moving when God said so.

It reminds me of Abraham, the father of Christian faith. Genesis 12 outlines his call to “leave your country, your people, and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.” If you’re like me (a bit particular about the details) you’re probably thinking “really God, that’s it?” He’s the God of the universe yet decided to leave out a few critical details in this mandate to leave their comfortable home- time of departure, exact location of arrival, living arrangements, what the future promise of a blessing looks like, difficulties along the journey, financial provision… need I go on?

But that’s just the thing, God in knowing our ultimate destination, often chooses to shield us from the details.  Why? Because pondering the details prohibits our obedience. We get to thinking about the challenges more than the promises and, before you know it, we’re stuck.

And that leads me to three conclusions about our journey with the Lord:

1. No one can take the necessary steps of your journey for you. In the years where we knew God was calling us to Florida we would often tell ourselves “no one can do this part of our journey for us.” That was to say that no magic fairies would come and take away my worries that launching a church would be a success in a place where we knew no one; no one could guarantee our kids would transition well to a new community and school; no one was coming to pack my boxes. Just like Abraham, this was a process of obedience that only we could live to tell. In fact, when God calls you to something special, no one is coming to save you either. You have to put your shoulders back and become your own superhero. And that means putting your cape on when you are still a little shaky on the details.  

2. Walking out what God has called you to do takes superhuman strength. In fact, supernatural strength. Our destiny is God-designed, God-breathed, God-ordained. We were created with a unique purpose by God himself. Many of us rack our brains with questions of purpose and what we are called to do, yet fail to ask the One who holds it all. Superheroes rely on their superpowers and, let's not be mistaken, ours comes as a result of a vibrant relationship with Jesus!

3. The journey is hard, but it's worth it. Along the route from Haran to Canaan, Abraham encountered so many challenges- opposing armies, close encounters with human trafficking, family fallouts, and the birth (and near death) of his son, and loss of his wife. Following the instruction must have been excruciating and, like us, I’m sure he asked himself more than once if all this was worth it. Because Abraham obeyed his kids could inherit a physical and spiritual inheritance. God used his lineage to bring Jesus into the world and freedom to all mankind. Abraham’s ability to be a superhero, with supernatural strength changed everything. And if his act of bravery in the midst of fear and unknown and challenge could change the entire course of history, what could our obedience do?

Meet you back here soon for reflections in life and God’s Word. 



Every week we grow together at City Place Church. If you’re in the Orlando, FL area, we’d love for you to join us for our very first service on February 28, 2016 at 9290 Lee Vista Blvd. All superheroes (and ones in the making) welcome!