For over 18 years, Damon Moore has served in the local church. He is passionate about bringing God's Word and your dreams to life.

Damon had lived the dreams of all he had ever hoped for in pro sports. During his years as an NBA athletic trainer, God positioned Damon to learn from some of the best coaches, athletes, and business strategists. The environment shaped his development as a leader and communicator. Spending thousands of hours working with athletes on a daily basis presented him the chance to see “behind the scenes” tools of creating winning teams, establishing and communicating vision and the best forms of execution. But as only God could orchestrate, something happened after 10 seasons of working in his dream job of professional sports. In 2001, Damon felt like God was calling him to build the lives of people at a greater level. God was asking, if he wanted to impact twelve members of my professional basketball team or thousands. Although during the following years he wrestled with God, Damon always knew his true calling and passionate purpose was to love people and encourage their dreams in Christ.
Ministering to God’s people has meant so much to him. God has allowed Damon the honor to learn from and serve two well-established churches that have developed a heart of service, love of speaking, and local community impact.
There are two passions that rest as the priority of Damon's heart, his wife, Ti'eshia and sons, David & Noah. As Lead Pastor of City Place Church Orlando, there is no place his family would rather be than doing life with the families in this city.


Ti'eshia has spent over 15 years in international missionary service and helping churches and non-profits in organizational development. She is passionate about ministry and the marketplace.

One summer when Ti’eshia was a teenager doing missionary work in Bolivia a blind indigenous woman came asking for prayer. She told Ti’eshia about a vivid dream the night prior where she felt compelled to come hear the group speak in the small village. While, at first assumption, the group thought she was asking for a miracle in her eyesight, she was actually most interested in meeting the God from her dreams. As the group prayed for her to have a real relationship with Jesus and her healing, she received both miracles that night, leading Ti’eshia into a passionate believer.

Experiences on the mission field fueled a deep love for a personal God who deeply cares for His people. Ti’eshia has been passionate about helping others find their God-given purpose. For 15 years she has served as an organizational leader, college professor, and philanthropist but her proudest accomplishments are in the throws of ministry, seeing God move and lives changed.

She passionately believes that the Lord allows paths to cross with others and our job is to make lasting impacts.  She and her family are committed to seeing significant influence in Central Florida and the world through helping all of God’s children come to know Him and have a deeper relationship every day.